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Detroit’s landmark institutions have reliably received service from Detroit Thermal (DT) for more than 100 years. DT provides steam for space heating, hot water heating and absorption chilling to more than 100 buildings in downtown and midtown Detroit through our extensive District Energy distribution network. This district energy system drastically reduces costs for customers by eliminating the need to operate and maintain on-site boilers and chillers. District Energy systems are already highly efficient ways to heat and cool many buildings, and to reduce a given locale's carbon footprint; however, Detroit Thermal further increase that value because much of the steam is produced with renewable energy sources. DT is the cleanest, most environmentally sound energy solution available to Detroit.

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For general inquiries or information please email or call: info@detroitrenewable.com or 313.972.5700.

For odor issues please call 313.972.5702


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Detroit Renewable Energy Announces New Leadership Positions
Detroit Renewable Energy (DRE) is pleased to announce changes to its management team to implement growth and support the successful operation of the companies within the DRE family.
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