Detroit Thermal COVID-19 Response

As an essential business per Governor Whitmer’s executive order, Detroit Thermal is still hard at work for our customers. To protect our workforce, their families, and our customers, we have instituted safety programs to prevent the inadvertent spread of COVID-19 through our work activities.

Our teams are working around the clock to ensure reliable steam service to our customers. Not only are we continuing regular service, but managing an increase in steam demand from those organizations serving the city’s immediate and future medical needs; in particular, Detroit Medical Center and the TCF Center Field Hospital. Our system infrastructure can seamlessly handle this increase.

The deserted streets of Detroit will not last forever.  In addition to meeting critical current needs, we are spending time planning how we will serve you in the future. 

During and after this period, we will continue our capital investments to increase reliability, lower costs and move to a more distributed model.  This means working to generate steam closer to the point of use — closer to your place of business.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Detroit Thermal is a critical piece of Detroit’s energy infrastructure and economic survival in the coming months. We will do our part to help our customers endure this pandemic, and rebound when we’re in the clear.

We realize our customers, and all Detroit businesses and organizations, will need to reduce capital and operational costs during the upcoming economic recovery.  For those that are or have considered self-generation of steam, coming back to or staying with Detroit Thermal will allow you to avoid those costs, making more resources available for your workforce and reacquisition of customers. 

For our customers, we offer: 

  • No Capital Outlays
  • Reduced Price per Mlbs
  • Maintenance-Free Service
  • No Reliability Worries
  • Instantaneous Load Adjustments

 Our engineers can assist your operational teams with strategies and methods of reducing your steam consumption and costs. 

We have survived world wars, the Great Depression, and the more recent recession and city bankruptcy.  Our city — and our company — will survive this pandemic, and will thrive on the other side.

We also want to express our deepest gratitude for all of the medical professionals, first responders, and other essential workers who keep us safe and help us maintain some sense of normalcy.

And finally, to all our customers: Stay safe and stay healthy! We look forward to serving you now and in the future.

Further information contact: 
Jack Buonanno – Dir. of Sales 313-963-3541