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How reliable is Detroit Thermal’s service?

Detroit Thermal has a long history of dependability. Our facilities include multiple boilers and steam generators that offer flexibility and redundancy. Moreover, we have licensed operators on duty and on site 24/7/365 to respond to any problems or concerns.

What are some of the benefits of district energy and Detroit Thermal’s service?

Our customers reduce or eliminate the need for on-site heating and cooling equipment, which translates to lower energy consumption and materials costs. 

Specifically, customers who use Detroit Thermal’s heating and cooling services find that they do not have to purchase boilers, chillers and other equipment, and that capital expenses can be reduced or eliminated, redirecting those funds into their core business. Customers may also reduce or eliminate maintenance expenses such as emergency construction or repair and installation costs associated with an internal heating/cooling system.

Additional benefits include ongoing operational savings – customers can reduce or eliminate boiler operators and maintenance staff, insurance costs, chemicals and natural gas expenses, electricity, annual maintenance and inspections, and other regulatory costs.

Who uses Detroit Thermal’s services?

More than 30,000,000 square feet of downtown Detroit real estate uses Detroit Thermal services for steam heating. This includes such landmarks such as Detroit Medical Center, Fox Theatre, GM’s Renaissance Center and Music Hall of Detroit.

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