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investing in Detroit

We’re re-energizing
downtown Detroit

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Massive investment in the
future growth of our businesses:

  • Basalt Infrastructures & DCO Energy, investment firms committed to its businesses for the long term.
  • Detroit Renewable Energy, providing critical energy services to high profile energy partners
$ 0 M

Invested in Detroit Renewable Energy since 2010

$ 0 M

Invested in our companies since 2003


Our Commitment



0 M

Spent on improvements to the underground steam distribution network to create a more efficient and reliable delivery system.


0 M

Spent on improvements to the natural gas boiler generation facilities for additional capacity and more efficient and reliable generation.

New customer-centric management and communication protocols set up for issue response and customer alternative comparisons.

Statistic Number One

Statistic Number One

Statistic Number One

Clean Energy Exclusively For Detroit —

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